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About Us

Morning People began in 2019 in Victoria’s downtown inner harbour. Catering mostly to the masses of tourists that would unload from cruise ships and hotels nearby, the first sign of success was their return despite the many other options available. One of the main staples that became popular among locals and the Brazilian community was the Bom Dia Acai Smoothie Bowl, boasting exotic flavours and crunchy granola; perfect on a hot summer day. 

Other items like The Best Dream breakfast sandwich and the Smashed Hash were popular as well, but the owner struggled with demands of hot dogs and fries from tourists wanting something they already knew. 

When Morning People reopened in May of 2020, the world was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the downtown core and inner harbour devoid of human life, the owner was lucky enough to secure a new location in Victoria’s artsy, trendy district: Cook Street Village. The spot was an overgrown and neglected courtyard nestled in the heart of the village. We heard rumours that the space had hosted food vendors in the past, but most had either failed or succeeded and moved on to storefronts.  

The owner was determined to make it work. With the help of friends, contractors, and a whole lot of love, Morning People brought the courtyard back to life. Customers and local residents began to enjoy meeting and eating in a beautiful outdoor location alongside planters, friends, and the family dog. With the world’s social restrictions, being an outdoor operation became a blessing. Located conveniently nearby Beacon Hill park and the beach, Morning People has become one of the spots to stop by on weekend and weekday adventures. 

Since the very beginning, the owner has committed to contributing to the sustainable food movement by aiming to source as many of the ingredients locally. Although this model for a restaurant is a costly endeavour compared to the many other cheaper alternatives available, it has helped grow other local businesses like ourselves by supporting the grower or producer rather than the middle-man. Ultimately, this has resulted in a much higher quality, flavourful product that we can all be proud of. We make all of our sauces and baked goods in house, using seasonal produce whenever we can. Morning People is truly about creating community wherever we go, and we wish to further this model by supporting those who support us. 

We would like to thank everyone who has visited or plans on visiting our truck for their support. It has meant everything through these trying times and we truly could not do what we're doing without you. And remember... you don't have to be a morning person to be a Morning Person. ;)   

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